The Distillery

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There are lots of photos here, and 2 videos of the distillery in the first few years of operation.
You will also get to see how our two stills and Mash tuns were built.
Would you like to see how the distillery itself was built? You can check that out here.
 Grab your favorite beverage, have a seat and take a look!

Dragonfyre Whiskey The Making Part 1

Videos by Megan Eves

Dragonfyre Whiskey The Making Part 2

What it takes to make spirits at Dragonfyre, scroll down for even more pictures!

  • Our original 25 gallon electric still, this is how it all started!

Building a distillery

  • Here you see the original production area of our distillery when we started in 2016. This is the original all copper 25 gallon electric still hand built by Vince. All of our operations are still done by hand through time consuming processes, yielding small quantities, making our whiskey as rare as some precious gems, and just as clear and smooth. If you wish to see the build process, go scroll down to the 25 gallon still build..

Building the 25 gallon copper still

  • Fresh sheet of copper, cut and rolled to the size needed for a 25 gallon capacity pot.

Building the 100 gallon still

  • The new still has arrived! Some assembly required? 2 sheets of German still copper!

Building the Mash Tuns

  • So I am making my own Mash Tuns, that will also be fermentors. I started with two 100 gallon stainless steel barrels, and bought a manway and some fittings online for each one.
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