Meet the denizens of the distillery below!

They Whom Take Careth of Things

Vincent standing with the 25 gallon copper still he built and a mash tun in the background he also built.

He whom maketh spirits

Vince, The Keeper of the Distillery.

Other  duties include Grinder of the Grains, Maker of the Mash, Master of the  Still, Wielder of the Mop, Filler of the Bottles, Writer of the Labels,  Filer of the Paperwork (and more paperwork), Greeter of Customers,  Conductor of the Nickel Tour, and everything else that needs to be done  that Donna doesn’t do.

Favorite Quote: “It’s just a flesh wound!”

silly picture of Donna with a crow on her head

She whom maketh Art

Donna, Artist in Residence

She wears many hats, including Caretaker of the Castle and Counter of Magic Beans, and everything else that needs to be done that Vince doesn’t do. 

Favorite Quote:”It simply isn’t a story worth telling if there aren’t any Dragons in it”

Betty the dragon and Sr Lea Ksalot holding a shrubery

Most Holey Knight

Sir Lea Kaslot 

His duties include greeting and participating in
photo ops with our customers, and other PR related activities. 

Favorite Quote: “Bring me a Shrubbery!”
(he already has one, but you can never have too many shrubberies!)

Betty the dragon and a bottle of Dragon Moon Shadow corn whiskey

The Dragon


Betty’s duties include Protection of the Dragon’s Gold and the Guardianship of the Distillery. Betty is the type of dragon that will toast and eat you and ask questions later

Favorite Quote: “If you can’t take the heat, don’t tickle the Dragon”

Al the dragon with Sr Char D'ALot

Most Toasted Knight

Sir Char D’Alot (also known by his close friends as Steve)

His  duties (or follies, as we call them) are to taunt and provoke the  dragons without any cares to the consequences of his actions.

Favorite Quote: “Badges?? We don’t need no stinking badges!”

Sylvie the Steampunk Fairy with a bottle of Dragons gold bourbon whiskey and a Steampunk chalice.

She whom is called Sylvie

She loves pouring drinks and conversing with the magical creatures stopping by the distillery. 

favorite quote “There’s no such thing as too much glitter!”

Castillostench the whiskey troll and a bottle of JP's Brown bag whiskey

The Whiskey Troll

Usually found lurking in the rest room of the distillery, good old Castillostench the troll can be heard running water and making odd noises.

favorite quote “Go Away!”

Chompsky the Gnome in front of a mushroom near the Hobbit door of Dragonfyre Distillery.

Gnome Man is alone

Chompsky is usually found next to the hobbit hole at the distillery. He is very mischievous and should be avoided. Please don’t feed the Gnomes! 

favorite quote “To Gnome me is to love me”

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