Makers of Dragonfyre

Vincent and Donna Pedini at the tasting room bar of Dragonfyre Distillery

Dragonfyre Distillery was established in 2015 by the husband and wife team of Vincent and Donna Pedini.
Vince is a third generation distiller using equipment he has manufactured, or repurposed.
Donna is a mixed media artist. She has put her personal touch and attention to detail throughout the tasting room and gift shop, even our restroom is over the top! 
We are a New York State Farm Distillery .
We  are committed to producing the finest distilled spirits from quality ingredients grown on local farms to support our friends and neighbors in  our community.
There are NO neutral spirits used from other distilleries to blend with our spirits, if we didn’t distill it,
it’s not in our bottle!
We love sharing our passion for creating a unique tasting room experience,  trading stories with our customers, and taking them through our process, that's what it’s all about!
Dragonfyre Distillery is located  on top of a hill in Central New York’s Cortland County.
Cortland  is the home of both the SUNY Cortland Red Dragons, and Dragonfyre  Distillery LLC., so Dragons are part of Cortland’s history!
The Distillery and Tasting Room are an experience for all whiskey (and dragon) lovers  to enjoy. 
We’ve put together not just a distillery, but a destination!
   Come and taste the spirits of the dragon, produced using our hand made copper stills, and served in our unique tasting room.
Hand crafting whiskies from locally grown ingredients in small batches is our passion!
Enjoy the picturesque enchantment of our location where all things are possible, and you may even see a dragon or two.
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